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Residential & Commercial Siding

Whether your home has vinyl, metal, or fiber cement composite (LP), the siding on your home is a vital component to protecting your home from the elements and ensuring that you don’t have problems with leaks, moisture, water damage, and rot. Siding is also one of the most important aspects of providing your home with the attractive appearance and curb appeal that fits your tastes. Larson Valley Construction has extensive experience with all types of siding materials and installation and can help with any siding job no matter how big or small. Call today for a free estimate!

Different Types of Siding

Lap siding

Shake & Shingle siding

Vertical Siding

Different Types of Siding Material

  • Vinyl Siding
  • Metal Siding (Aluminum & Steel)
  • Fiber Cement Composite (LP) Siding
  • Natural Wood Siding
  • Brick/Stone/Stone Veneer

Soffit & Fascia

The soffit & fascia on your home provide you with a nice finished look to create trim and color contrast while also serving a vital purpose in helping to protect your home from leaks and moisture which can cause damage to your home. Updating the soffit & fascia allows homeowners to choose from several different colors of metal fascia to create that perfect look for the exterior of your home. Our siding installers will ensure that your soffit and fascia are installed correctly so you can enjoy the beauty and the protection that it will provide!

Get a Free Inspection & Estimate

If your home has siding damage of any kind or if you’re just ready to invest in the exterior of your home to create more curb appeal and increase the value of your home while making it look beautiful in the process, give us a call to setup an appointment for a free inspection and estimate today!